Project Description

Book Cover Design

Creating a design for book covers can be a very important aspect of a book sales. As the front cover is viewed first it needs to be interesting and intriguing for the reader. A book cover should hint at the content of the book but not give away the content to keep the reader interested in the book. Finding that balance can be quite difficult, understanding the requirements of a book is the first step to creating an efficient and successful book cover. I chose three classic Penguin books to recreate their cover pages and tried to design a collection with my new interpretations of the books.
The challenge was first to create a modern cover that would connect to the book but also the movies since all three books had been made into movies. Furthermore, the second challenge was to create a theme combining all three books so that the reader would notice the theme and become interested in other books. Creating the book covers consisted of a mixture of digital and manual work also different print methods such as screen printing, letterpress.