Project Description

Calligraphy Poster

Growing up in an Arab country, I was surrounded with Arabic calligraphy in various places such as mosques and monuments, therefore, became mesmerized by its beauty and style of writing, which was with a special hand-carved bamboo pen. The reason I chose Arabic calligraphy as the topic is that I am half Arab and grew up learning how to write in Arabic in various styles. Therefore, I was interested in creating a piece of art that showed the beauty of Arabic calligraphy that requires a unique skill and patience. Arabic Calligraphy gains its beauty because of the manner the letters flow from one to the other and give a sense of harmony and peacefulness, placing Arabic calligraphy as one of the most beautiful forms of handwriting. I created an Arabic calligraphy poster using a random arrangement of Arabic letters and by placing them over one another to create a beautiful overlapping texture, I chose to use bright colours to help draw the eye and seek people’s attention and interest.